Telran Smart Solution

Wireless Smoke Detector 97F

  • Smoke Detectors Fotuelktrik
  •      Special design resistant to dust and flying insects
  •      Easy to install due to a special base
  •      Testing our hands and Reset
  •      Auto reset after alarm
  •      Alert audible alarm and sparkle
  •      Install ceiling

Code 560549

  • Wireless Smoke Detector 97F






    New TV 32" and 42" HD DLED

    From VisionNet

    Combine between buty , picture quality and energy saving




  • Smart Home System

    The system is based on Communication between elements by means of PLC data transmission over power lines 220vac that are already  built-in
    Very convenient and easy to install with a elegant  and slim design particularly impressive


  • New SmartClient for MAC PC

    For VisionNet DVR using


    In Download

  • New Formuler IPTV Android

    Quad Core processor, H.265 video decoding, Kodi (XMBC) and much more

    The next level of online entertainment



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